kisses4kenz asked
Oh hey your a choreographer so Molly be honest, do you think it's possible for somebody who doesn't dance at ALL to be a choreographer? :)

Mmm idk!

teendancers asked
Who did you teach solos to at club?

No one yet!

raisinanon asked
Do you know when Club will be competing your dances?? I'm so exited!! You+Club is the best thing ever

Yay! And dec!

ashleync29 asked
1. Do you still dance yourself? 2. Are you in the dances Going Under and Fallen on youtube? 3. Who choreographed Breath of Heaven?

Yes & yes & Karame

princess1me asked
Was single ladies your very 1st undefeated dance?

It wasn’t undefeated: it got beat by their large group at wcde

yoursophiamusic asked
molly you should check out (ScottBradleeLovesYa) YT channel they make amazing cover you can you use for your dances


kisses4kenz asked
This is important. What app do you use to edit your We Werk Wednesday Videos????

Sometimes iMovie!

dance-inspirationx asked
Hi! I just wanted to let you know I think you're amazing and I love everything you do! I've been a cheerleader my whole life and I came across the single ladies video one day watching a dance moms video and ever since I've been obsessed with dance, all your videos, and so fourth. Just wanted to let you know you've opened my eyes to a whole different world and I love it.

Thank you!! Xx